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        Ship paint
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        Ningbo Joule Marine coating Co., LTD is a professional paint company dedicated to the sales and contructions of high-end marine anti-corrosive paint. Our company sells multiple international brands such as PPGsigma,InternationalIP,Jotun,CMPChugoku and cargo ships, and to coat any other parts including chamber,

        pipeline, ballast water tank, oil tank,open deck and upper structures and outfit itemhatch cover and all kinds of shi paccessories.

        Online orders general manager
        Ms Zhang
        Mobile phone: 86-15990539341
        E-mail: 527608284@qq.com
        Ningbo sales manager and technical manager
        Ms Wu
        Mobile phone: 86-15158311635
        Add: Room 1601 , No . 886-892 Baizhang East Road ,
        Ningbo City

        Sigma Paint International Paint Jotun Paint Chugoku Paint
        Technical guidance Ship paint Ship paint quality system Ship paint color card Ship paint online services
        Class: Sigma Paints, International Paints, Jotun paints, Chugoku paint     Copyright @Ning bo joule erships Coating Co., Ltd.      Sitemap         Design:enxun
        Introduction paint Marine paint Paint products

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